About Me

Greetings and salutations! ^^

Thank you for visiting my humble soapbox.

I’d like to tell you a bit about myself and my writing origins.

I graduated from Humber College School of Media Studies majoring in Print and Broadcast Journalism in Ontario, Canada in 2003.

In 2005 I reconnected with two of my classmates:  the resilient Phill Feltham and the ever-thought provoking Victor Penney. While Phill was in Taiwan teaching English, I was in Korea doing the same and Victor was back in Canada working in broadcast journalism. Together we combined our minds under Phill’s umbrella idea and created a blog called the Weekly Wanderer.

After Phill and I returned to Canada, the Weekly Wander continued to gain readership and momentum as a travel blog with a splash of current events from around theworld. I was appointed Executive Editor of the Wanderer and would go on to write over 90 articles from 2005-2009.

While in Korea the first time, I also wrote for the entertainment and travel section of Oh My News International, a Korean newspaper that issued a Korean and English edition online and in print.


Writing for those two publications once I returned to Canada really helped me to re-adjust to life back home. There is an element of reverse culture-shock that many expatriates go through upon returning to their homeland and I had it bad. Staying connected with Asia through Oh My News and the Wanderer was a fantastic outlet but I was still quite homesick for Korea.

I stayed in Canada for almost 8 years, giving some of my other dreams a shot; including working in the music industry and going back to school.

I became a student of Athabasca Open University and got a Bachelor of Professional Arts degree majoring in communications.

Once I accomplished all those things, I realized that teaching overseas was a real passion that would not go away over time. I missed the rewarding nature of the job, the lifestyle, the community, the culture.

So here I am!

Back in South Korea and so happy to be here :)

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