The North Korean Border Revisited

Greetings and happy fall to all!

My good friend and co-founder of the The Weekly Wanderer, Phill Feltham, has been revamping some of our best articles from back in the day when we ran the internet. The link below recounts my 2006 adventure into the demilitarized zone – the border dividing the north from the south in Korea. It was tense but I felt fortunate to be there witnessing history in the flesh. Check out the article and have a great weekend everyone!

Dare to Travel the North Korea Border

One thought on “The North Korean Border Revisited

  1. Karluch:
    Again, a good read. Helps imagine what it was like to be in that lunatic’s part of Korea.
    Reminds me of how much we worried about you until you were back in South Korea. Keep writing!
    love youse,
    Nana and gramp xo

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