Pagoda Hopping in Burma

You can’t do Yangon, Myanmar without seeing the beautiful golden temples. Smack in the middle of downtown Yangon lies the temple known as the Sule Pagoda. This was the first one I explored upon arrival in Yangon.

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Next up was the Botataung Pagoda, known for housing a piece of Buddha’s hair as well as the temple’s inner gold-plated walls, secured behind glass.


Nap time for some locals inside one of the outer shrines.


Yours truly attempts inner reflection within these gold-plated walls.


Ancient relics kept safe behind bars.


Beyond the glass, above the mound of money, apparently lies a piece of Buddha’s hair.


A temple employee sweeps up money, folded into little triangles and tossed into the table by local worshipers.

On my last day in Yangon, I couldn’t respectfully leave without paying my dues to the most famous, most elegant temple, the Shwedegawa Pagoda. I met a monk there who approached me based on the Canadian flag on my backpack. He told me how each gold leaf hammered into place in this temple was donated by the Burmese people who devoted much of their savings to the construction of these pagodas back in the day. He told me the best places to watch the sunset and told me he was happy I was enjoying his country and his temple. I wanted to shake his hand but it’s not proper to touch a monk so instead, I bowed low and thanked him for his time.


The entrance to the temple, surrounded by young children out of school trying to sell items related to the temple.

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Whatever your degree of spirituality, one cannot help but feel a sense of awe at the site of such devotion from a humble, modest society who gave their few spare coins to the building of these great monuments. Next week I’ll take you on my tour of Mandalay, Burma so get ready for some picturesque shots of the beautiful northern city!

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  1. Hey Karluchi!
    A beautiful tribute to an ancient and spiritual people. You showed great humility and respect when you visited with the monk.
    Another article well wrote and nice pichurs.
    love youse,
    nana and gramp xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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