My Favourite YouTube Channels to Rock the Classroom

Greetings Dear Readers!

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been travelling much lately. Since our academic year is wrapping up, t’is the season to hunker down and get through these last weeks which means mostly – controlling the lunatics the best we can. As part of the year-end clean up I find myself strolling down memory lane more and more. Part of those walks have taken me through my files and have reminded me of the awesome videos I’ve found through YouTube that have helped me in the classroom. I noticed there are some great YouTube channels that I’ve come to rely on and I’d like to share them with you. Even if you’re not teaching ESL, these are fun songs and videos for young kids in general.

My favourite youtube channels for teaching English are as follows:

#1: Pancake Manor

Two of my favourites are the “Big and Small Song” and the “Seasons Song.” They have well-produced videos with great puppets and catchy tunes.

#2 Maple Leaf Learning

These guys also use puppets but look a little more low-budget. They’re still cool though! The songs are quick and easy and kids love them.

Two of my favourites are the “What Time Is It?” and “How’s the Weather?”

#3 Have Fun Teaching

This channel does ridiculously¬†catchy songs and most notably make awesome videos for vowels. They have really helped me to explain long and short vowel concepts to my lower-level students over the years.¬†Honourable mention goes out the “Days of the Week Song” and the “Letter A Song.” Seriously guys, you WILL bust a move listening to these tunes. You have no choice. The rhythm is gonna get you.

#4 Kids TV123

My grade 3 kids got a great jump start on learning the alphabet sounds with their video the “Phonics Song.” It’s got a mellow tempo and leaves room for the kids to repeat after the singer. Highly recommended for low-level learners just starting out with ABCs and phonics. “The Big Numbers Song” is also pretty cool because the kids can count to one hundred with the song.

#5 Busy Beavers

This channel uses these weird animal characters in all of their videos and sometimes the animation looks robotic and creepy, but the songs are fantastic. They do full verse-chorus-verse songs so these guys are good. The kids don’t seem as freaked out by the creepy animation as I am so I’ve learned to co-exist. Two of the most requested songs from my kids are “In, On, Under” and the “House Song.”

This is my life guys! I don’t get pop songs stuck in my head anymore, I get the “Phonics Song” in my head now and I don’t even mind. I made this post for new teachers who may need a lead on some ESL songs but also for myself as a reminder of all the fun I’ve had with my kids over the years :) I’ll be traveling to Cambodia and Myanmar in January so keep an eye out for more adventures in the new year!

3 thoughts on “My Favourite YouTube Channels to Rock the Classroom

  1. I think the kids will like some of these songs you suggested. Our personal favourites are SuperSimpleSongs and muffinsongs on youtube.

  2. Hey Karluch:
    Youse never no where youse can find stuff fer to learn the Kids good.
    Youse done good getting the stuff from the Tee-Vee.
    And the Kids learned good, too! I done good my third year in Grade 8 too!
    Love youse,
    nana and gramp xxxxxooooooooooo

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