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Greetings Dear Readers!

I know I just posted last night, but this is a special announcement:

For those of you who are in Korea, I’ll be attending a movie premier this coming Friday, July 25th at 8pm and I’d like you to come with me!


The film is called “The View from Here,” directed by Kevin Lambert, and American expat living in Korea for the last five years. Following the film will be a short, directed by Ray Salcedo, called “Caliban’s.” Ray is also an American expat who has been thriving in Korea for more than 7 years. You may remember him from my past blog post on his theatrical production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream with the Seoul Shakespeare Company back in May.

The main film, “The View from Here,” follows an expat couple struggling with sex and addiction. The short, “Caliban’s,” is a dark satire about a restaurant that serves taboo delicacies to the top 1% of society. After the films there will be a Q & A session with the cast and crew.


This event is one night only and it’s only 10,000 won a ticket. I’ve been offered two free tickets to the first two people to reply through karliinkorea’s comment section or through my facebook page that they would like to go.

Here are the facts:

Who: Kevin Lambert’s “The View from Here” and Ray Salcedo’s “Caliban’s”

What: Indie movie night in Seoul

When: Friday, July 25th, 2014. 8-10pm.

Where: Seoul Cinema. On the Seoul Metro subway, get off at “Jongno 3ga” station (line 1, 3 and 5 connect there) and leave exit #14

Why: Because why not? Support your fellow dreamers and come out to play!

How much: 10,000 won (unless you are one of the first to respond that you’d like to go, then it’s on the house.) If you’d like to go and but didn’t make the freebie, it’s still only 10,000 won so come out and have some popcorn with me!


E-mail Miles Meili at to reserve your ticket. If you’re the winner of one of the two tickets, I’ll let them know and make sure your name is on the list.

Interesting side note, did you know that Seoul Cinema is one of the oldest theatres in Korea? It’s true. It used to be a single screen theatre during its prime. Now the theatre has grown to an 11 screen film house and is still a popular destination for major film events in the country.

Here are some trailers. Click the links to check them out. Hope to see you there!

The View from Here


2 thoughts on “Movie Night in Seoul

  1. Karluch!
    You’re getting even more famous in the e-circuit when you are approached to promote a show or act or whatever because people read you.
    Youse are going great guns and having fun, so carry on!
    nana and gramp xxxxxxxx00000000000 (and you know about them nickels)

  2. Karli, your blog is great! I’ve gone with you to some of these places, but also I want to go everywhere that you’ve been! I’m looking forward to the movie Friday night!

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