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Recently I made a list of all the places I would like to see in the next ten years. Then I thought, wouldn’t it be awesome if I could plan my own world-tour and do a trip across the globe on my way out of Asia (whenever that may be).  I decided to make my fictional world trip plan and thought I would share some of my top spots with you, with a little bit of why I chose the places I chose. Starting with Asia since that’s where I’d be leaving from, let’s get going!


~ Jeju island, Korea

Korea’s beautiful island that almost every expat in Korea wants to see before they leave. Tickets to fly there are only around $60 if it’s not peak season. I’m told 3-4 days on the island is enough to soak up the beauty, beaches, museums and food. I will be going there sometime this year, if things go according to plan.

Jeju island, Korea.

Jeju island, Korea.

~ Cambodia

Specifically Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world that has been around since the 9th century. It was once hindu and later became a place of buddhist worship. As of today, the temple grounds are being slowly destroyed by banyan trees, or strangler fig trees, as well as natural erosion in the earth. The temple may not be around forever so I need to get there and touch one of those monster trees. Watch a short clip on the strangler figs here.

~ Shanghai, China

Reading “Shanghai” by David Rotenberg made me want to see what old parts of Shanghai can still be seen. The book follows an integral group of people for over four generations,  telling the story of how they help to develop and protect their city through it’s many metamorphoses (thanks Dad for the book recommendation!).

The Chinese movie “Rouge” staring Leslie Cheung and Anita Mui also drew me towards Shanghai. The movie is about a woman who died in Shanghai in the ‘30s and returns as a ghost in the ‘80s to a Shanghai she no longer knows. Watch the movie trailer here.

~ Beijing, China

There is just so much history in Beijing, I feel the need to go there and touch the walls and smell the trees. Even if it’s only for 2 days, I feel drawn there. Also my friend Pam lives in Beijing and I hope to see her there too.

~ Northern Japan

I saw parts of the south but would like to continue exploring. 5 days was not enough.

Aomori, Northern Japan.

Aomori, Northern Japan.


~ Madrid and Barcelona, Spain

Like Japan, I got to see the south of Spain, but have heard beautiful things about the more northern cities. I spent just under 2 weeks in Spain and managed a few southern cities, Portugal and Morocco. There simply was not enough time.

Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona, Spain.

~ Portugal

Again. 4 days was not enough – I wasn’t finished!  The people in Portugal were so kind, they blew me away. I felt welcomed and safe in that country and truly cannot wait until I see those beautiful people and places again.

~ France

~ Norway

~ Sweden

Capital city of Oslo, Norway.

Capital city of Oslo, Norway.

All of these I want to see just because. Norway because my last name is said to have Norwegian heritage so I would like to explore my viking roots.

South America

~ Mexico

~ Ecuador

~ Guatemala

The streets of Quito, Ecuador.

The streets of Quito, Ecuador.

Beautiful Guatemala.

I have been drawn to South America for over 10 years now and am sad to say I haven’t made it over there, not even for a one-week vacation in Mexico. I tried to teach and live there many years ago but at the time, the conditions were not working in my favour and it was not recommended to go there alone (being a woman) to start the expat life. That dream is still with me though, so one day…


~ Seattle

The home of rock legends Jimi Hendrix and Kurt Cobain. I must pay homage to my left-handed guitar gods! Some people have Graceland…I have Seattle.

~ New York

I went to NY when I was around 9 years old and all I can remember is that my aunt lived on a street called Flushing, which I found hilarious at the time, and the fact that it looked just like the streets of Toronto. I would like a more vivid memory to replace those ones.

~ Chicago

Again. I went for only 48 hours but it felt like such a cool city be a part of. I would like to go back properly and not do a drive-by this time. There is so much to see and eat! Nom nom nom.

~ Arizona

This state was not brought to my attention until I met a pretty little lady named Morgan who lived and worked in Korea with me. She became my friend and told me many stories about her life in the desert. Since half of my family grew up in New Mexico, I’ve been to NM many times and the desert feels like a second home to me. I would love to explore what lies west of the New Mexico border. Morgan will be heading back to the U.S. soon so if she stays in AZ, I’d love to see here there too!

The legend. Mr. Jimi Hendrix.

The legend. Mr. Jimi Hendrix.




On this fantastical world trip as I head back to my own continent, there is much to see in my own backyard. I’ve already seen British Columbia, Manitoba and Quebec, but it’s the east coast that calls me now.

~ Newfoundland

~ Prince Edward Island

~ Nova Scotia

~ New Brunswick


Capital city of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

I went to New Brunswick when I was around 10 and like New York, my memories are small and fragmented. I remember soft grass that was the greenest of greens, damp, fresh air that smelled like the sea and the bluest sky I had ever seen. I would like to expand on that memory and make new ones.

P.E.I., Canada.

P.E.I., Canada.

The east coast is a beautiful part of my country that many of us often take for granted. We mid-western (city) folk sometimes tease the east coasters for living the simple life, still farming and fishing, living a bit closer to the earth than we do, and for their noticeable east coast accents. Truth be told, that part of Canada is absolutely breathtaking and holds many natural wonders as well as a look at the way Canada used to be. The people are solid, salt-of-the-earth people who would give you the shirt off their back and take you home for dinner. It is that side of Canada that I want to know better. It’s like having extended cousins who you know are awesome but you’ve never had the chance to meet. Well I’ll tell you now, when I get back home, there will be many trips out east for this wanderer.

That brings my fictional world tour plan to an end Dear Readers. Hope you enjoyed.

3 thoughts on “My World Tour

  1. You have a wonderful spirit inside you. The trees growing through the buildings were fascinating, take care and lots of love, Uncle Ran

  2. This makes me want to write a similar article. Just for myself, perhaps I will get a chance to see these places one day.

  3. Another remarkable travel article that readers find interesting–from the giant, ancient trees at the centuries-old temple to PEI.
    Again, you have seen so much for someone so young. I can only imagaine what you will see in the next 10 years.
    And above all—DON’T take no wooden nickels.
    love youse a ton and then some,
    nana and gramp xxxoooo

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