Chiang Mai Temples

Walking around any given area of Chiang Mai, you will come across many Buddhist temples. They’re listed in travel maps, noted in guide books and honoured around the world. I found some beautiful temples in my wanderings and tried my best to capture the dedication that was put into these houses of worship.  I’ll let the pictures tell the story.

Wat Pan Ping (wat means temple).

Construction of this temple began in the 13th century but many temples take decades, if not more, to complete.




Inside Wat Pan Ping:


Wat Phan On located nearby and constructed a bit later, in 1501.

Inside Wat Phan On:



Outside Wat Phan On:

20140115_171423 20140115_170240

20140115_170803 20140115_171452


The last one I will share is a big temple, actually referred to as a complex since it has several temples within the grounds.

Wat Phra Singh is one of the biggest and most beautiful in the Old City. It sprawls along the bottom of Ratchadamnoen Road and takes a good 45 minutes to walk through and enjoy.

20140122_164454 20140122_164559 20140122_16464620140122_165037

Another, smaller temple on the grounds, guarded by lions (singh means lion).

20140122_165249 20140122_165306

Beautiful door frames and window shutters:

20140122_165338 20140122_165426

Wat Phra Singh was built in 1345 and is famous for the Phra Buddha Singh statue it holds inside (I wasn’t sure which statue it was). The temple grounds fell to neglect during the Burmese rule of Thailand from the late 1500’s to the late 1700’s. You can see some of the decay in the pictures below.

20140122_165444 20140122_165627 20140122_16572420140122_165649

The temple wasn’t restored until the early 1900’s by the monks who resided there. It was later touched up again in 2002.

20140122_170003 20140122_170022

Another small temple on the grounds:

20140122_170505 20140122_170611

Other buildings on the grounds. Some, like the temple above, were not for tourists and were being renovated on the inside.

20140122_170704 20140122_171031

This is just a fraction of the many beautiful temples you can see in Chiang Mai and all over Thailand. I’ve heard there are older and more breathtaking temples in the southern cities like Bangkok and Phuket. If this is the kind of thing that floats your boat when traveling, then Thailand’s many temples are waiting for you.

4 thoughts on “Chiang Mai Temples

  1. Absolutely beautiful temples. your pictures say everything, be safe, Uncle Ran

  2. Howdie, Karluchi:

    When one studies your photos of the magnificent temples and dwells for a moment on their place in history –the 13th century–and what they have witnessed, it reminds me just how insignificant one individual is in the overall scheme of things.
    I used to think a 90 year-old farmer’s country house had history attached to it but now, I dunno! Keep writin’
    nana and gramp xxoo

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