And Then This Happened…

You can dress us up, but you can’t take us out. Aside from the historical wonder and unfathomable beauty that is Japan, we managed to squeeze in some hijinks.

I’ll let the pictures tell the tale. Credit is due to my partner in mischief, Jennifer.

Enjoy :)

It started in Tokyo…






















And continued into the night…

20130918_230803 20130918_231326



















The next day we headed to Kyoto. We were civilized for the most part.

20130920_142102 20130919_105842









Then night fell and we got a little kooky…

20130920_222144 20130920_222727 20130920_22273020130920_222744

















The next day it was farewell to Kyoto. So tired…

20130921_201647 20130921_201631















At Narita airport, we finally got to see a robot. Made the whole trip. The sign said “don’t touch,” so of course we had to test the boundaries.

20130922_164354 20130922_164414









Such fun! Who says being a grown up has to be all class? In the words of G-Dragon and Shinee, why so serious? ;p

3 thoughts on “And Then This Happened…

  1. Hi Karli, you should try to have some fun while travelling haha. It looks like you’re having the time of your life. Loved your pics… the technology there must be something else! Keep up the terrific writing. Love you and miss you, Aunt Boo xo

  2. Nice touch Karli, like my Pa says the potential for moving your articles further along with the media is certainly a consideration.



  3. Hi Sweetheart:
    Another interesting piece that also challenges some of the travel myths in Japan. I do feel you try to market this Japan and Korean material to Travel Agencies or the Japan and Korean Travel Ministries. You could be published again and make a buck. The material is too interesting to not share on a broader basis.Toronto Star Travel Editor? Anyway, well done!
    Give it a thought. And don’t take no wooden nickels.
    love, me and the Wife xxooooxxxxx

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