K-Pop Song of the Week #3

This week’s K-Pop song of the week features the collaborative hip-hop grandmasters, known as MFBTY (My Fans Better Than Yours).  The three-member group consists of Korea’s hip-hop legend Tiger JK, one of Korea’s best female rappers Yoon Mirae (Tasha) and Tiger’s long-time creative partner MC Bizzy. Yoon Mirae and Tiger JK are married with one son and I think are the coolest married couple of all times.

All three were a big influence in Korean hip-hop when the scene was still evolving in the mid-to-late 1990’s. They’re still big now and have continued to make their way in the industry by doing their own thing free of major label pressures.

Courtesy of lastfm.com

Courtesy of lastfm.com

Tiger JK, known as the Korean Jay-Z of hip-hop, founded and runs his own label called Jungle Entertainment and continues to cultivate independent hip-hop culture. As a testament to their success (not that they need it), MFBTY were selected to represent Korean pop music and this year’s MIDEM conference in Cannes, France in January of 2013. MIDEM is only THE biggest business gathering in the universe for those working in the music industry at any capacity. Whether you’re in sales, production, distribution, soundtracks or spinning records, this conference is the place to be. And MFBTY tore the place up.

Check out a clip of their performance at MIDEM here: MFBTY at MIDEM 2013

The song featured this week is called “Sweet Dream” and takes place partly in our world and partly in an alternative universe. If that alone didn’t sell you, I’ll continue. The video begins with a woman (Yoon Mirae) wanting to be with her lover (Tiger JK) who is strapped to a hospital bed and riddled with wires. Her lyrics say “I want to go where you are” and that she does. Enter the alternate universe, or dreamworld, if you will.

The badass hip-hop queen proceeds to feed her sick hubby to an electronic titanium tiger to free him from his earthly prison. Once broken free, the two carry on with MC Bizzy in a care-free dream land where cars can swim, beds can drive and Jesus can rap. The special effects are awesome and CGI fans will enjoy this no doubt. It’s light-hearted, high-energy and positive with a pumping beat that will make you want to move. The video is visually stimulating and the song itself rises and falls from beautiful croons to thumping fist pumps in a matter of seconds. All around highly satisfying and has not left the “hype mix” on my ipod playlist in months.

Check out “Sweet Dream” here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D20bTiJNQpQ

Enjoy, and if you have any suggestions for songs I should check out, don’t hesitate to send me a line in the comment box below!

Until next time, much love.

4 thoughts on “K-Pop Song of the Week #3

  1. My goodness Karli, your writing ability is so great, we enjoy it all
    Love, Nan

  2. my goodness Karli you have so much writing ability and talent. We enjoy your stuff so much keep up the good work.
    love nan

  3. Karli:

    what a great story; you really have an ability to write – keep it going, Love, Uncle Randy xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooo

  4. Hi Sweetheart:

    What a different twist to what you have been writing!
    I get part of it because I am a Fossil, but I like the description especially of the “cool couple.”
    The hype list on the i-pod is like talking Bonfield English to me, but I get it!
    Are you marketing this material? if not, there must be a North American connection where you could develop a readership in a musical publication and make some $$$$$.love,nana,grampxxxx00

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