K-Pop Song of the Week

For this inaugural edition of the K-Pop Song of the Week, I’ve selected a special track that warrants two videos as it is actually two songs. Allow me to explain.

EXO is a band that was formed in Seoul, South Korea, comprised of 12 members: 6 are Korean and 6 are Chinese. The Korean members are known as Exo-K and sing in Korean while the Chinese members are known as Exo-M and sing in Mandarin. Both halves have seen great popularity in their respective countries since their debut just over a year ago and continue to impress with their latest mini-album entitled XOXO.

For all you K-Pop fans out there, please don’t be angry because your favourite group is not listed thus far. For starters, this is just the beginning :) Secondly, there is no method to my K-Pop madness. I will simply choose what I’m into the most at the time and post as my ears lead the way. So don’t stress, there will be many weeks ahead for your favourite songs to carve a spot in KiK.

And hey! If you’ve got your hands/ears on a new track you think I should check out, lemme know! K-pop fans unite!

Exo-K “Growl”

Exo-M “Growl”

*Note: There is a second version of each of these videos with a more detailed set and more than one camera shot. I chose the first version so you can see who the members of each crew are and also to showcase their sweet moves :)

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