Ugly Words

This is my first official blog entry and it feels a bit surreal.

For someone who has only just joined forces (begrudgingly) with facebook a few months ago, this leap into social media is a tad overwhelming. That being said, change is good and progress is necessary for evolution.

I really don’t like the word “blog.”

Maybe that’s why it took me so long to get this site up and running…

Blog” is an ugly word, don’t you think? Like the word “snot” ¬†or “blubber.”

Ungraceful to say and falls out of one’s mouth like a dribble of soup at lunchtime.

What words gross you out? I’m curious to know.

I can’t be the only one who thinks certain words are unattractive to say, right guys?


*tumbleweed rolls by…*

4 thoughts on “Ugly Words

  1. Hi Marsbar,
    Thanks for the feedback! Sorry about the math, but it does help block the spam :(

  2. I like the word ‘sock’

    The word ‘fancy’ annoys me – it’s like it squeezes out from the back of your nose when you say it

    Ps; your validation code is unfair to people who aren’t good at math

  3. Hey Karli
    Great website!
    Awesome pics and thoughtful writings
    The word gag make me gag.

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